Key Members

Key Members

The leadership team at HoldemAsia consists of industry veterans with diverse experiences and expertise, collectively driving the platform’s success. Here’s an introduction to the key members of HoldemAsia’s management.


  • 현대그룹, 자회사 CFO
  • ㈜웹젠, 경영지원실
  • ㈜소프트캠프 CFO
  • ㈜메가셀바이오 부사장
  • 상장사 사업총괄 이사

He serves as the CEO of HoldemAsia, bringing a wealth of experience and accomplishments to the role. He leads the company’s vision and strategic direction, overseeing its execution.


Director of Operations

  • Cebu International Academy
  • Pyramid Bistro 총괄 매니저
  • Sunshine Hotel 국제교류팀장
  • WHCL Pacific-league 본부장

He is the Director of Operations at HoldemAsia, with a strong background in relevant experience. He manages the day-to-day operations of the company, optimizing service quality, and enhancing the customer experience.


Director of Technology

  • 대한프로 e-스포츠 정회원
  • 프로게이머
  • 홀덤 관련 사업기획
  • 메가홀덤 아카데미 원장

He assumes the role of Director of Technology at HoldemAsia, backed by extensive experience in [relevant experience]. He leads the company’s technology and development departments, ensuring the platform’s safety and fostering innovation.


Director of Customer Service

  • 대한홀덤아카데미 연합회 정회원
  • 한국이스포츠협회 이사
  • 한국게임산업협회 이사
  • WHCL 기술자문위원

He is the Director of Customer Service at HoldemAsia, known for relevant experience. He is responsible for maintaining excellent service quality to enhance customer satisfaction and managing customer relationships.

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